Providing the tools and skills one needs to become a nurturing mentor for their children in order to raise confident, authentic adults. 

Parenting Coaching

A parenting coach works with parents to help them become the parent they want to be.

Many factors get in the way of us being an effective, wise and loving parent.  Often despite feeling grateful for our children, our partners, our families, and friends, we have a sense that something is missing from our lives. Trying to deal with anyone of these factors prevents us from being the parent we really want to be.

A parenting Coach can provide help in any of these life issues or others, plus provide you with effective parenting tools that keep both your dignity and self-worth and your child’s intact. 

A parenting coach listens to your challenges. Even though every situation is unique, your coach is trained with sound approaches that create a beneficial parent-child relationship. After assessing your parenting issues, your coach helps you establish goals and a parenting plan for developing the tools/skills to stop old unhappy cycles. With a parenting coach to encourage you, a new relationship with your children grows step by step. 
If your emotions are ruling you too much when you deal with your child, a Parenting Coach can help you become the nurturing mentor your child needs. 

My Approach

My approach is to help you discover where you are struggling with your child(ren) whether it be with patience, time, discipline, etc. and provide you with the tools and skills to change these struggles and become the parent you want to be.  I will help you to understand how your own personal beliefs in yourself can either hinder or enhance your abilities to be the parent you believe your child(ren) needs while dealing with the personalities of your children and their own unique needs. I will hold you accountable for the work, support your personal growth, and encourage you when things become difficult.

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