When chaos looms in the world outside, where do you turn to find peace?

In times of uncertainty, even if it seems tinged in hopelessness, don’t forget what you are capable of doing to restore peace to your body, mind, and soul.

Create Your Own Calm

Self-care is an important place to start. Taking care of your physical and mental well-being is essential in bringing calm into your life. Rest and restore.

Ground yourself. Literally. Put your bare feet onto the soil or grass and feel the heartbeat of the earth beneath your toes.

Practice meditation or do yoga. Both practices can help you focus on your breathing, drawing the calm and serenity into your body and releasing tension the body may be holding.

Go outside for a walk, get some fresh air, soak up some glorious vitamin D, and enjoy all the abundance nature has to offer.

Seek comfort through spiritual means, however that resonates with you.

Try To Maintain a Sense of Normalcy

Keep up with chores around the house. Inside and out. Pull some weeds, clean the kitchen. Organize your junk drawer or that closet you’ve been meaning to get to for months.

Create routines. Even if old ones have been disrupted, then create new ones. Rise at the same time every morning. Do yoga or meditation or go for a walk. Make a nourishing meal for yourself. Set alarms for yourself if you need to until you get into the habit of the routine.

Control what you can control and learn to let go of the rest. Accept what is and make the best of it as you can. Controlling your thoughts and actions and routines can help bring a sense of calm.

Keep Your Mind And Hands Occupied

Devote time to hobbies. Take on a sewing project. Bake a cake from a new recipe. Do a puzzle. Read a book from that to-read stack. Play games with your children, or help them be creative and create their own games. Be interactive and stimulate the mind. The options to do so are endless! What creative things can you think of to occupy your time?

Reach Out To Others

Talk to friends and loved ones. Even if you are unable to see friends or family in person, we are blessed in this age of technology to be able to connect in many different ways. There’s nothing quite like a Facetime call with your loved ones to brighten the spirits.

Be of service. Look around you to those who are in need and find what you can do to help if you are able. Taking care of the collective community is just as important as taking care of yourself.

One of the most important things we can do in a time of crisis is practicing kindness and compassion. People may be hurting or struggling in ways we can’t imagine. Making sure that you are kind in your interactions may be just the blessing they needed that day.

And last but not least, smile, laugh and spread some cheer with those around you. Sometimes it’s as simple as sharing a picture of triumph of the houseplant you’re actually managing to keep alive this time, or a video of your pet when you finally caught them doing that funny thing they do. Share the joys, large and small. Those around you will appreciate this effort.