Addiction Recovery Assistance

Assisting with creating an addiction-free life through support, encouragement, and providing sobriety tools. 

Addiction Recovery Assistance

Addiction comes in many forms (alcohol, drug, gambling, overspending, overeating, etc.) and can have an impactful influence on how we see ourselves and engage in everyday situations. Addiction compromises our relationships due to ineffective interpersonal patterns, emotional dysregulation, low self-worth and self-concept.

A Recovery Coach, also known as a Sober Coach, is a generic term that covers many different roles. They provide invaluable support for people trying to overcome their compulsive, obsessive, destructive behaviors. A Recovery Coach helps clients make smart choices and healthy decisions, with the number-one priority being not engaging in addictive behaviors that day.

Recovery Coaches can help create healthy boundaries in all areas of your life. They can teach communication skills to help you relate openly and honestly with family members and challenging relationships in your life.

Recovery Coach will assist you to understand the consequences of addictive behaviors and develop the tools and skills to manage the guilt, shame and remorse that are caused by our self-destructive behaviors.

A recovery Coach will also help you connect with the local recovery community to find the resources they need to support their sobriety:

  • Appropriate twelve-step meetings
  • Therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and other medical support staff
  • Outpatient programs that ensure clients get an appropriate level of support
  • A gym, yoga studio, or athletic activity groups, such as a running or cycling club
  • A sponsor to take them through their 12-step recovery program

The goal of a Recovery Coach is to allow the client to find their own niche in the recovery world, reminding and encouraging them to have fun and explore new activities that are healing and supportive.

My Approach

My approach is to inspire confidence in your abilities to change your unwanted emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that influence your addiction tendencies.  I will assist you in developing a strong recovery program, set goals, and learn the tools to maintain a sober/addiction-free lifestyle that will allow you to live a full and happy life.  I am well versed in the recovery process as of today I have 22 years of personal sobriety.  I will hold you accountable to the work, encourage you to keep going with it gets difficult and provide you the support necessary to address personal issues and make the changes you want to create the life you dream about free from addiction.

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